MagazzionoGestioneScorte SCADA (Monitoring system)

Commercial SCADA
Our monitoring systems are manufactured using some of the most popular SCADA applications available on the market including:
  • WinCC Siemens
  • Cube Orsi
  • Simatic IT Historian
  • Movicon Progea
  • ProTool-Pro Siemens
  • Intouch Wonderware
  • Citect
  • RSView32 Rockwell
  • Fix Intellution
  • Lab View National Instruments
  • Custom SCADA e ERP
  • Custom SCADA and ERP

    We realize directly SCADA systems and ERP management according to the customer's specifications.

    We use C#, Delphi, VB.Net, C++ as development languages​​.

    We use the largest database on the market SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL

    Synoptic system management

    Through a view of the entire plant or zoom on the single machine, it is possible to monitor the operation of the system as shown in the example at hand.

    Displaying machine grafcet

    Our system of structured design leads to a simple and intuitive visualization of machine cycles through dynamic and animated grafcet.

    RCE - Chronology Registration of Events

    In cases when the acquisition of events should be as accurate as possible, we use acquisition distributed-systems very precise with time synchronization using GPS.

    Scheduled maintenance

    In constant growth is the industry's demand for support tools to scheduled maintenance. Our systems allow to acquire information in terms of hours of machining or processing cycles in order to accurately schedule the maintenance.