MagazzionoGestioneScorte Tracking and Traceability

LE-Trace is intended to provide a complete system for the tracking and tracing of products.
Tracking:: the tracking is the process through which you can follow the product from upstream to downstream of process, recording information (track) at each stage of its manufacture.
Traceability: the traceability is the reverse process, ie one that takes up and connects all the information previously stored in a way that can be traced to the global history of the product and its responsibilities in the different stages of processing. The principles adopted by LE-Trace refer to the following regulations that are intended only as a contribution to the traceability system:
  • UNI EN ISO 9000:2005 - Quality Systems Terminology
  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Systems Requirements
  • UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 - Traceability System
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    LE Trace can interact at all stages or company processes such as:
  • Arrival/input goods
  • Raw materials warehouse management
  • Processes management
  • Semi-finished Management
  • Testing phases
  • Packaging
  • Finished product warehouse management
  • Shipping
  • The added value of the solution is:
  • Integration with auxiliary systems for reading barcode, labeling and can be integrated with any other production equipment compatible with any of Your automation and industrial control systems.
  • It is independent and has no impact with existing systems, but on the contrary, communicates with them in a simple and effective way.
  • Eliminates the risk of human error which is always present in the operations of identification, receipt and storage of the products handled. Reduces downtime of the staff employed in the warehouse, reducing the search time of shipping pallets.
  • It adapts you to special regulations imposed by GDO such as SSCC code management.
  • It helps to achieve the tracking and traceability of materials handled.
  • Thanks to its modularity, is reasonably priced and well-defined as a product constantly updated.
  • It is a lasting investment in time able to be reused, with a few updates, even if the management system is changed.
  • It is independent of the identification systems adopted as long as they are unique