MagazzionoGestioneScorte Vision Systems

ILMAG srl has realized plants and vision systems using tbe best technologies on the global market at the present day.
We are supplements of:
  • Teledyne DALSA cameras
  • CyberOptics Optics and capture boards
  • IDS - Imaging frame grabber
  • MvTec Halcon acquisition software
  • Silicon-Software acquisition software
  • Nikon Metrology machine vision optics and digital camera
  • ProPhotonix. illuminators
  • Thanks to the new technologies, the fields of application of machine vision systems are growing up.
    ILMAG has realized material handling system of transmission lines, quality control systems, metering systems, shape recognition systems, research systems and 2D barcode decoding (datamatrix).

    Plants and vision systems examples:
    Transport line with quality control system
    The current system provides:
    - Packagss transport line
    - Identification system
    - Lifting system
    - Vision system with con recognition code datamatrix (dimens. 1,7 x 1,7 mm)
    - Quality control system and labels counter
    - Labeling system
    - Sorting system
    - Packaging system using oven

    Anthropomorphic robot with palletizing system
    The current system provides:
    - Transport line
    - Robot manipulator
    - Anthropomorphic robot
    - Palletizing polar system