MagazzionoGestioneScorte Warehouse and stock management

Logistic expert

The Logistic Expert management software, is shown as a modular solution, that can be adapted to specific needs of the customer, intended for genere warehouse . It is possible to generate a best suited software package , choosing on the basis of tipology and warehouse complexity level . There can be realized delocalized consultation points or remote connections throug the web. There can be installed more automated warehouses, managed by a single management PC, with multiple consultation points or wireless hanheld remote.

Features and functions of the products :

- Consultation of the list of stored products.
- Inserting a new product.
- Requestin picking of the stored product.
- UDC management.
- Labels printing.
- Barcode reader managemente for the products recognition.
- Products list management.
- Stocked products list
- Understock functions.
- Operations log.
- Poducts stock management.
- Picking lists management.
- Deposit lists management.
- Employmnet state warehouses.
- Locations different type management
- UDC different type management.
- Products inventory functions.
- Products rotation statistics.
- Graphic map of warehous and product search by position, tipology and other features.
- Automatic pianification of maintenance request based on request missions.
- Totally opened to personalization request by the customer.
- Standard interface to third part management system.
- Querying movements to get the complete traceability of moved products.
- Print report of managed informations.
- User management protected by password, with different level of enabled operations.
- Lots management.
- FIFO/LIFO complez politics for products management.
- A/B/C classes organization ( priority level ).