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Doc Expert

DocExpert solution is based on a complete software package dedicated to document management that can be integrated to any automatic archive.

  • Stocked document list consultation.
  • Depositing documents.
  • Documents picking request.
  • Possibility of grouping documents into "virtual thematic archives" . Fox example, breakdown by years or expertise areas.
  • Depositing and picking documents functions.
  • Differentiated management practices, folders, documents.
  • Loan picking and depositing management.
  • Possibility of client PC connection and warehouses group management.
  • Warehouse graphic map and products search by position.
  • Totally opened to personalization requested by the customer.
  • Standard interface with third part system management.
  • Querying movements to get the complete traceability of moved documents.
  • Access control tied to the user, with access levels protected by password.
  • Documents logical groupings by project or by order.
  • Digital storage module
    The module is fully inegrated to the Doc Expert system and becomes a natural extension for the complete documentation managament.
    It provides the following functions :
  • Documentation management and indexing in leading formats of work (pdf, Microsoft Word).
  • Technical documentation tipologies management ( electrical desing, meccanical design, softwae project ) for industries.
  • Advanced search functions ( search by content, by authors or by key word ).
  • Integration with automatic filing system for the automatic extraction of paper attached to the document in electronic consultation.
  • Quick documents preview.
  • Link with office electronic mail system for automatic sending of consulted documents.
  • Centralized management of contacts.
  • Web pages archiviation.
  • Documents management, searching and grouping or electronic correspondence according to the contract, to the contact or to the project.
  • Linked documents management.
  • Documents organization on classes (A/B/C levels ).
  • Rank management (using statistics and frequency of consultation).