Consulting and training

prova ILMAG Consulting and Training is the result which originate from know-how, learnings and skills grown over the years of its consultants, copious are the collaborations between ILMAG srl and its customers. Concerning the training skills, ILMAG consultants, have also been called in teaching at University of Study in Turin.(Ref. Dr. Maurizio Baldaccini)
Our work field are:
  • Consulting and training about software development.
  • Logistic consulting and training.
  • Industry automation consulting and training.
  • We support our customers about:
  • Warehousing analysis and management
  • ERP planning and management
  • Management of manufacturing
  • Tracking and traceability of products
  • Our consultants can help you to choose every movement technology, warehousing and learning about load unit and packaging like:
  • Automatic warehouse for pallets, miniload, multishuttle, special load, etc.
  • Automatic cabinets: with shifting or rotating carriers (horizontal and vertical)
  • Shelves: for pallets, compact shelves, cantilever, gravity shelves, etc
  • Movement systems: roll or chain conveyer, shuttles, AGV systems
  • Decision point systems
  • Lift truck
  • Picking systems
  • Palletizing systems
  • Packaging systems
  • About industry automation, we can give advices about:
  • Main trade marks of PLC (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Omron, Schneider Electric)
  • Robotical systems (linear, cartesian e anthropomorphic).

  • ILMAG srl take advantage of its experts in field, offering to its customers solutions that satisfy their quality and solutions requirements.