MagazzionoGestioneScorte Industrial Automation

The ILMAG group is structured to design and build machines for automation, production plants, mounting plan, benches and equipment for measuring and testing. We operate on specific techniques produced directly by the end customer, or developed and optimized together with the customer. The company manufactures on its own mechanical design, electrical / electronic design and the software necessary for the development of orders. The ability to incorporate the lessons learned in different applications, makes the design structure extremely flexible and versatile to obtain rapidly, and with small costs, feasibility studies and preliminary project studies.

We realize:

1) Systems for logistics and automated warehouses.

2) Automatic palletizing systems, officers and automatic unloaders.

3) Vision systems for quality control; optical recognition systems of one and two dimensional codes, packaging and palletization of production lines.

4) Supervision systems and production line control.

5) Statical process control.

6) Systems for logistics and automated warehouses.

PLC Software

Our staff and our partners are able to operate with a deep knowledge in the following systems :